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Welcome to my real estate world!

I thought a lot about where to share my world of real estate. For a long time, I held the belief that my personal and business life needed to be separate.

I realize now, though, that they are so deeply intertwined and it only makes sense to let you into this part too, because I am my business and my business is me.

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The Realty Dream Team Houston Heights and Oak Forest Realtors Melanie Daigle Sabrina Tafur


We are The Realty Dream Team!

The team is made up of myself, Sabrina, a full time buyer's agent, and our transaction coordinator! We love to collaborate with agents who specialize in other markets so if you need a referral outside of Houston, we can help with that too! 

Our specialty is working in the Heights and Oak Forest areas of Houston, Texas. We have also recently expanded to Spring Branch as our clients are heading west for more space! 

It is our intention to make the home buying and selling process as easy and fun as possible! One of our metrics of success is making our clients feel like they're our only client.

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With so many realtors to choose from, I'm sure you've asked yourself this question. If I were to go back to my past self and give her advice on finding a realtor I would tell her this: you've got to find the right fit in expertise and personality when picking the right realtor team for you.

When it comes to expertise, there are hundreds of articles you can read on questions to ask realtors and I urge you to check those out. As a baseline, I would encourage you to find someone whose an expert in the neighborhood you're looking to buy/sell in. This means find someone whose done at least a handful of transactions in that neighborhood.

Most people just stop there, but the key to finding a perfect fit is to consider personality and communication style too. Remember, you're going to be working with your realtor team closely for several months and it's usually during a transitional time in your life.

I've had the joy of being one of the first to know when my clients are expecting their first babies, and I've also been the call when someone needed to find a new place to call home because they were in a not-so-good situation they needed to break free from.

Finding a realtor is not just choosing someone to find you a piece of real estate, it is choosing someone to walk through those moments with you. 

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Home Entrance


Selling your home can be such an intense emotional experience. I only truly realized that after being a first time home seller.

It's not just getting the home prepared, the numbers of what it could sell for, or thinking about where you will go next. It's being grateful for the memories and joy the home brought you and reminiscing of the laughter and tears that happened within those walls. 

It is our intention to guide you through the process to make home selling as easy as possible so that you have the space to feel those feelings and give the home the true sendoff it deserves, while also being excited for the next chapter of your life!

We have relationships with staging companies, contractors, and cleaners to help with this transition and to get your home ready for display. Each home seller has different needs and priorities, so we will work with you to figure out what works best for you for things like photography, showings, and inspections, to name a few!

Think of us as your concierge for all things real estate that doesn't just end with the sale of the property. We often have clients message us years after we work together asking questions about property taxes or wondering about the best selections to make on the renovation of their new home. Whatever it may be, we are here to help!

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Many times our buyers come to us already having spent hours online looking at properties and they have a great picture in their minds of where they want to live. We help you refine that vision and make sure it's the right fit by asking the right questions and looking at the whole picture: will you eventually want to rent the home and can current rental rates support that, are you okay with the main bedroom being on a different floor from the secondary bedrooms if you plan to have kids, will there be big changes coming soon like a dog that might require a different living space, you get the picture!

Then we get to have fun and go on showings and see the cute homes you have had your eye on! You'll quickly learn the power of a camera lens and how some don't look quite as good as the pictures, but you'll also be pleasantly surprised with others and start to understand what is truly important just by walking through the homes and seeing the neighborhoods. 

After finding the perfect home, one of our specialties is crafting contracts that benefit the you, the buyer. Sometimes you have a priority of keeping more money in your pocket to purchase furniture for your new space, and other times your goal is to keep your monthly payment as low as possible. It is our intention to guide you through the process in a way that is most aligned with you. 

Once we have the home under contract, think of us as your tour guide taking you through the buying process. We provide recommendations for inspectors and contractors who provide expertise to help you feel most comfortable and informed moving forward with the home.

When you officially buy the home, our journey together is not over! We will be reminding you of the things you might forget, like: protesting your property taxes or to file for your homestead exemption. If you don't even know what this is, don't worry, we have you covered! We've also been known to show up on your doorstep during the holidays with a sweet treat.

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1130 W 18th - Ashley.jpeg

Melanie was amazing throughout the entire process of buying our first house! We found a group of houses that we wanted to tour and the first house she took us to was the one! She was very professional and helpful throughout the entire experience. She was able to give good insight on the neighborhoods pros & cons which helped us make our decision to buy. Since we were buying our first house there were many questions throughout the entire process but Melanie was always there to answer quickly! If you need a realtor in the Houston Heights area Melanie is the best!!

Ashley & Derek


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*Texas real estate law requires all real estate licensees give the following information about brokerage services.

Please see links to required documents:

Texas Real Estate Commission Information About Brokerage Services
Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

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