It was time for a recalibration

When I initially created this blog a few years ago, it was made with the intention to share my stories in hopes of empowering others. As I was reading back through my 'About Me' page, I realized I couldn't identify with that girl anymore. The passages and words were rooted in beliefs and thoughts that are no longer mine.

I was a girl who believed she was only here on Earth to and I definitely believed I had control over the outcomes of my life. I now know that is just not true. I am here to keep my eyes on my own paper and learn how to embody a life that is truly and authentically mine in the present moment. So here I am, doing just that.

I am now learning to surrender to the flow of life and constantly remind myself that the only certainty in life is...uncertainty. Living by that belief has led to some pretty incredible experiences that I absolutely know would not be possible if I did not surrender. 

So here's to continuing to document this unique story of a lifetime. We've all got one.